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            Industry solutions
            About Tianxiang
            Brand strength-20 years of focus
            Brand strength-20 years of focus All round supplier of adhesive and process plan for electronic industry
            Tianxiang technology, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing customers with all-round adhesive and process solutions for the electronic industry
            The company‘s brands include luxbond, which is also the strategic partner of international famous enterprises such as ACC / QSI, Sika / axson, Chemtronics, techspray, ELANTAS, etc
            The company‘s product line covers all kinds of adhesives such as electronic cleaning agent, impregnating paint, adhesive sealant, three proofing adhesive, potting adhesive, heat conducting adhesive and conductive adhesive
            Tianxiang technology is based in South China, and its business covers more than ten provinces and cities in South China, central China, Southwest China, East China and North China
            Brand strength-Continuous breakthrough
            Brand strength-Continuous breakthrough Focus and persistence in the past 20 years, continuously promote technology upgrading and innovation
            With a professional technical team, Tianxiang technology has grown rapidly in solving the challenges of the international electronic market
            The company‘s technical team is composed of many R & D engineers, material engineers and testers, and closely cooperates with many domestic chemical institutions to jointly develop new products and technologies
            Every year, Tianxiang technology will participate in industry seminars, industry forums and other technical exchanges, integrate the advantages of resources from all walks of life, and comprehensively promote technology upgrading and innovation
            In order to improve the R & D efficiency and testing accuracy of products, Tianxiang technology has equipped a set of precise testing equipment to ensure the excellent quality of products
            Brand strength-No worries about purchasing
            Brand strength-No worries about purchasing Have a scientific quality management system to ensure excellent quality
            Tianxiang technology has been engaged in electronic industry adhesive for nearly 20 years, and has established a scientific quality management system to ensure excellent quality
            The company is equipped with a set of precise testing equipment to provide products with accurate testing of tensile strength, viscosity, hardness, thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, volume resistivity, etc
            Tianxiang technology has won the title of national high-tech enterprise, passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and its products are in line with many certifications such as Rosh, SGS and UL
            Tianxiang technology has established an intelligent storage management system, with professional quality inspectors, who will check the incoming and outgoing products one by one to ensure their quality
            Brand strength-Tailored
            Brand strength-Tailored Consulting service system, tracking and providing technical services in the whole process
            Tianxiang technology can provide comprehensive test report and quality certification according to customers‘ requirements to ensure quality
            The company can provide customized solutions and products according to customer needs, and can customize formula, label, packaging, etc
            The customer service of the company is online for 24 hours, which can quickly respond to your service needs. You can apply for samples or product related materials for free online
            The company has offices in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hunan and other places to ensure that the products can be delivered to the whole country quickly,
            • Brand strength-20 years of focus

              Company Profile

              Company Profile
            • Brand strength-Continuous breakthrough

              Technological innovation

              Technological innovation
            • Brand strength-No worries about purchasing

              Quality Assurance

              Quality Assurance
            • Brand strength-Tailored

              Value-added services

              Value-added services
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